• Kate and Kelly

The Biringer Difference

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

One of the differences that sets us apart from other realtors, is our affiliation with Richmond's most successful custom builder. Combined, we see more real estate professionals, buyers and sellers on a daily basis than any other agent in the industry. This allows us to market our sellers homes to a broader audience, and offers potential buyers our knowledge of both new construction and resale opportunities.

We help Biringer clients navigate the selection process to maximize their budget, which gives us a huge advantage in creating value for our clients. Being involved with model homes keeps our fingers on the pulse of design trends and costs. We are able provide guidance to our clients with these concepts when staging their homes and getting them ready to sell.

Working as closely as we have with the builder side of the business, we really do a have a front row seat to watching not just construction, but home building. And we think that experience is invaluable when we represent clients who are buying or selling a home.

The bottom line is that we understand housing -- how it is built, how it operates, what makes a good plan and what selections hold their value. Working with us means working with a truly knowledgable team.

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